Legal Disclosures

In the motor vehicle vertical agreements between car manufacturers and authorized dealers and repairers alone, not including other agreements, the motor vehicle sector has had a sector-specific block exemption regulation since 1985. The protection of competition between authorized and independent repairers implies that the latter’s access to essential inputs should not be artificially restricted. Commission regulation 1475/95, the former sector-specific regulation for the motor vehicle sector, expired on September 30, 2002 and was replaced by the current Regulation 1400/2002.

Thanks to this Commission enforcement action, independent repairers now have better access to technical information, increasing the number of repair outlets, also in line with general competition policy - manufacturers (whose networks have high market shares as regards the repair of the vehicles) have allowed all repairers meeting certain qualitative criteria into their networks. Leading this block exemption to have many positive effects regarding general market competition.

In short, these laws enacted by Commission Regulation 1400/2002, July 2002. Vehicle manufacturers must give to independent repairers as well as interested independent individuals access to repair information. Allowing the selling of service data, technical specification information, technical repair, and diagnostic data for trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles. This does not constitute any kind of infringement rights, as this information may not be classified under intellectual property of software corporations, carmakers, and manufacturers. Herein, designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owner, in which our products do not interfere and are fully abiding with both federal and state trademark, copyright, or infringement laws.

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