Laptop Specs


Panasonic CF-30 

Screen Size: 13.3 inches

This ultra durable laptop is ready for whatever comes its way. Whether it's crazy weather or a tough drop, this toughbook is here for the long run. This is one of our best sellers, as it has a larger screen, carrying handle, this is our top choice for mechanics.


Panasonic CF-31

Screen Size: 13.1 inches

Our Panasonic CF-31 we like to call our happy medium. This laptop has the fun features of our CF-19 with the characteristics of a CF-30. This laptop is a little lighter than the CF-30, but still has the durability and the convinience of ease at the same time.

Panasonic CF-19

Screen Size: 10.1 inches

Want something compact, lightweight, but still able to handle the tough road ahead? The panasonic CF-19 is your go to. This was actually the laptop we begun working with from the very begining. We love that it is super sleek, lightweight, yet still able to handle the toughest situations. Personally, we recommend this for truck drivers, as this is the perfect companion for being on the road.

Fujitsu Lifebook T732

Screen Size:12.5 inches

Our Fujitsu lifebook is super light, easy to manuevar, and works insanely fast. This is for someone who does not need the durability of a toughbook, but would much rather have the speed aspect on there side.

Fujitsu Lifebook T731

Screen Size: 12.1 inches

This is our most compact of our Fujitsu family. This laptop is user freindly and we love recomending this to users who are not so tech saavy and would just love something super simple for a first timer.

Fujitsu Lifebook T726

Screen Size: 12.5 inches

The T726 is our go to daily laptop. We love the speed as well as the sleek look of this laptop. If you would like a laptop that is aesthetically pleasing with all of the other lovely specs of the other Fujitsu's, look no further, this is the guy for you.


Screen Size: 15.4 Inches

If you love to have a large screen, I don’t think it gets any bigger than this. This laptop is thin and easy to carry. In addition to that this laptop has a sun viewable option for those days the rays are beating on us a little stronger.  Doesn’t skimp on connections. Truly a must have!